Learn How to Market You Start-up or MLM using Social Media Weekly Webinar

Join us every Friday to learn tips about Online Marketing from Dennis N. Duce

The video Feed will be Right here for you to watch live next Friday.

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Special Black Friday Edition
Network Marketing Round Table tips on how to market your online business weekly webinar
Network Round Table: Online Marketing for Your Small business Venture

Each week the quality of the Hangout On Air gets better and the content gets more targeted, refined and professional.

We will be introducing a new segment in next Friday’s HOA. Make a Difference Minute will be a chance for someone to tell their story of what they are doing to pay it forward. If you know someone that has made a difference we would love to have them join our webinar to tell their story.

We will have our other helpful and motivational segments next week like
Network RT Instagram, This is the special Image designed for Instagram
Motivational, inspirational or interesting Quote of the Week by +Shari Soelberg a +doTERRA essential oils  Distributor coming to us live from Orem Utah.

Book, Podcast or Blog post review of the week. This could be done by any member of our round table team but is often carried out but our lovely European corespondent +Emmanuelle Duce who checks in each week from London England in the UK. Emmanuelle has been a Spa director for years but is now building her down-line as a doTerra distributor.

Our Review of a weekly +Ted Talks video come from our energetic and well tanned Caribbean member +Gina Dominica. Gina is a three time entrepreneur having sold each of her businesses and successfully moved into an entirely new field. Starting out in Powder Coating in Vancouver Canada then moving into the Healthcare industry in Bellingham Washington. Most recently Gina has been running a five star boutique hotel in Calabishi, Dominica in the Caribbean Islands.

Our main segment is the online marketing tips from me Dennis N. Duce. I am in-charge of educational outreach at +SEO.com as well as being the nonprofit liaison for +The Center at SEO.com  and will teach hands on tips on how to create a great online marketing program for your business. We are working on an in depth getting started series for Google+ at this time so get ready to learn how to make the most out of your Google+ investment.
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